The holidays are a time to be together and strengthen relationships with loved ones. While it’s important to find the perfect personalized gift for mom, dad, sibling, partner, or child, the most treasured gifts are often those that create a shared experience. That’s why it makes so much sense to review the best family gift ideas.

Choosing gifts that please the whole group can be a challenge, especially when everyone in the family has their own personalities, likes, likes, and dislikes. Your sister may be drawn to beauty products, while your mother will appreciate a personalized gift. However, there is always a perfect gift for each family member that will bring everyone closer together this holiday season. If you’re up for a challenge, look no further.

To help you, we’ve conducted an extensive search to compile a list of our favorite gifts that the whole family is sure to enjoy. From interactive gifts and games like ice cream makers, mobile Cornholes, and jigsaw puzzles to customizable items like family portraits, keychains and scrapbooking, there’s always a gift. Perfect for every member of the family. Keep reading for gifts that will bring joy to the whole family this holiday season and beyond.

These 40 Gift Ideas Help Families Bond More Lovingly

1. Planning is Dry Erase Calendar

Planning is Dry Erase Calendar

Keeping everyone’s schedule straight can be a challenging task, but this year, you can reduce the confusion with the Wall Pops Dry Erase Calendar. This sleek and easy-to-read calendar sticks to walls and peels off easily without damaging the paint. To personalize it even further, gift everyone their own specific marker for added convenience.

2. Modern Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Modern Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Bring some musical fun into the family with the Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone. This light-up LED mic not only serves as a speaker and recorder, but it also syncs with Bluetooth to let you select the song of your choice. The rechargeable, long-lasting battery is perfect for singing long ballads before lights-out.

3. Your Family With A Custom Portrait

Your Family With A Custom Portrait

Capture your family’s unique bond with a Custom Family Portrait. Instead of a typical photo, you can provide details of your family members, and an artist will create a beautiful digital file illustration that you can treasure forever.

4. A Set Of Delicious And Convenient Baking Kits

A Set Of Delicious And Convenient Baking Kits

Explore the world through taste and baking with the Baking Kits subscription box. Each month’s box features a recipe with supplies, snacks, and informational booklets based on a specific culture, providing a delicious learning experience for the whole family.

5. Preserve Memories Instantly with an Instant Camera

Preserve Memories Instantly with an Instant Camera

Print out those memorable family moments with the Instant Camera. This lightweight camera doubles as an all-in-one printer and requires no ink, making it incredibly easy to produce high-quality prints of your favorite photos.

6. Attracts stylish wooden hotels

entomology with the Wooden Insect Hotel

Bring some nature into your backyard and spark your child’s interest in entomology with the Wooden Insect Hotel. This adorable insect sanctuary provides a home for butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and other tiny creatures that kids love to observe. It’s a great way to encourage a love of nature and to help your garden thrive.

7. Revamp the Classic Movie Night with a Flavorful Variety Pack of Popcorn

Revamp the Classic Movie Night with a Flavorful Variety Pack of Popcorn

Make your family movie night even more special with this specialty popcorn variety pack that includes five different seasoning options to choose from: white cheddar, kettle corn, chili lime, caramel, and sriracha. There’s something for everyone to love and it’s a fun way to switch up your movie night snacks.

8. Personalize Your Own Map Of Any Location With Customization

Map Of Any Location With Customization

Personalize this beautiful custom map featuring an intricate stencil of your city. Choose the text and color scheme to create a unique piece that showcases where your family calls home. The Etsy shop that makes these prints also offers lovely framing options.

9. Engage your creativity with the 3D Wooden Marble Run Puzzle Craft Toy

Engage your creativity with the 3D Wooden Marble Run Puzzle Craft Toy

Challenge your family with this 3D puzzle made from natural laser-cut wood that, once completed, becomes a functional marble run. The kit includes everything you need to assemble it in about six hours with a straightforward manual.

10. Unleash Your Artistic Side With Mattel Games Pictionary

Unleash Your Artistic Side With Mattel Games Pictionary

Bring some classic fun to your family game night with Pictionary. Suitable for kids of different ages and timeless, this game is perfect for holiday traditions.

11. Drinks Cool And Fresh With The Labelimprints Insulated Leakproof Picnic Basket Cooler

Labelimprints Insulated Leakproof Picnic Basket Cooler

Pack your favorite family snacks in this insulated leak-proof picnic basket that’s perfect for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park. The outer pocket is convenient for napkins and silverware and you can personalize the label with your family name or a fun phrase.

12. Discover The World Of Robotics With The Tabletop Robotics Kit

Discover The World Of Robotics With The Tabletop Robotics Kit

Get hands-on experience in robotics with this educational kit that guides you through building a miniature robot. This kit provides step-by-step instructions to build a robot that scuttles and changes direction when it senses an obstacle. It includes all the necessary components to build the robot, except for one AAA battery.

13. Personal Flair To Your Home Decor With The Rose Gold Led Light Box

Customize your home decor with this elegant LED lightbox that comes with 100 tiles of letters, numbers, and emojis to slide in. The lightbox is backlit with LED lights and can be powered by AA batteries or USB. With enough space for up to nine tiles across each row, this lightbox can serve as a great way to leave personalized messages for the whole family. Keep it on the counter or hang it on the wall for a unique touch to your living space.

14. Mindful Phone Holder

Mindful Phone Holder

In today’s digital age, it’s important to take a break from our screens and connect with our loved ones. This phone holder provides a designated place for everyone to store their devices and promotes family time. With chalkboard name tags, each person can personalize their spot and make it their own. This way, you can have meaningful conversations and create memories without any distractions.

15. Indoor/Outdoor Cornhole Game Set for Kids

Indoor Outdoor Cornhole Game Set for Kids

Get ready for some family fun with this versatile Cornhole game set. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play, it’s a great way to engage the whole family and enjoy quality time together. The portable design makes it easy to take on the go, and the built-in storage compartments keep the beanbags organized. Whether you’re at home or on the road, this game set is sure to be a hit.

16. Card Game for Kids

Card Game for Kids

Looking for a fun and age-appropriate alternative to Cards Against Humanity? Look no further than this hilarious and entertaining card game. With an easy-to-follow structure and plenty of silly humor, it’s the perfect way to liven up family game night. Get ready for lots of laughs and unforgettable memories.

17. Nostalgia Indoor S’mores Maker

Nostalgia Indoor Smores Maker

Bring the fun of campfire s’mores indoors with this innovative and safe electric s’mores maker. Featuring a flameless heating function, it’s perfect for kids and adults alike. Simply add marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate for a tasty and nostalgic treat. You can even mix it up with some healthy additions like fruit or nuts.

18. 83 Hands-On Science Experiments for Curious Kids

83 Hands On Science Experiments for Curious Kids

Encourage learning and exploration with this engaging and informative science book. With 83 fun and interactive experiments, it’s perfect for curious kids who love to discover how things work. Each experiment includes step-by-step instructions and colorful photos, making it easy to follow along and see the results.

19. In Kids Mindful Toy & Activity Box

In KidZ Mindful Toy Activity Box

This all-in-one kit is designed to inspire mindfulness and self-discovery in kids of all ages. Packed with books, activities, and tools, it’s the perfect way to bond with your family while learning and having fun together.

20. Highlight any gathering with the Bluetooth Speaker

Highlight any gathering with the Bluetooth Speaker

A small but powerful device that delivers high-quality sound. Whether it’s a lively backyard barbecue or a cozy family gathering, this speaker is sure to up the vibe. Its sturdy design ensures it can withstand accidental drops and tough handling, so you can focus on entertainment without worrying about your gear.

21. Tableware Let’s Dig In

Tableware Lets Dig In

Break out of your conversational routine and connect with your family on a deeper level with this set of conversation starter cards. With 150 thought-provoking questions, it’s the perfect way to spark meaningful conversations and create lasting memories. From silly hypotheticals to introspective inquiries, there’s something for everyone in this fun and engaging set.

22. Modern Sprout Flower Grow Kit

Modern Sprout Flower Grow Kit

Unleash your inner gardener and cultivate a love for nature with this comprehensive flower grow kit. The self-watering hydroponic system, ceramic planter, non-GMO seeds, and step-by-step instructions make it easy and enjoyable for anyone to create a beautiful garden. Plus, what better way to bond with loved ones than over the joys of nature?

23. Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Automatic Ice Cream Maker

Say goodbye to store-bought ice cream and hello to personalized, delicious desserts with this automatic ice cream maker. This versatile machine allows you to create your own unique flavors and add-ins, making every scoop a treat tailored to your taste buds. Perfect for family gatherings or a sweet night in.

24. Yootech Wireless Charger

End the hassle of tangled cords and missing chargers with this convenient set of wireless chargers. The pad and stand provide a sleek and accessible charging option for both smartphones and tablets. Keep it in a common area and let everyone in the family charge up hassle-free.

25. Enno Vatti 100 Movies Scratch-Off Poster

Elevate movie night with this fun and interactive scratch-off poster. The poster includes 100 must-see movies, ranging from classics to modern-day favorites, that you can scratch off as you watch. Take turns picking the next movie for a fun family activity and discover new films together.

26. Triumph Sports 6-Player Croquet Set

Triumph Sports 6 Player Croquet Set

Enjoy the great outdoors with this classic croquet set. The six-player set comes with all the necessary equipment, including wooden mallets, stakes, wire wickets, and balls, all in a convenient carrying case. Perfect for a lazy afternoon in the backyard or a day at the park.

27. Portable Mini Movie Projector

Take your movie-watching experience to the next level with this portable mini movie projector. It’s perfect for watching videos or movies on the included drop-screen, and the device easily syncs with your smartphone for seamless viewing. Great for camping or cozy nights in.

28. The Adventure Challenge Family Edition

The Adventure Challenge Family Edition

Make memories and have fun with this adventurous family challenge book. The book includes a range of exciting and unique challenges, from outdoor activities to creative projects, that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Scratch off a challenge and get ready to make lasting memories together.

30. CreativeWood Handmade Pottery Chip

Bring family snacking to the next level with this beautiful handmade pottery chip bowl. Perfect for serving salsa, chips, or veggies and dip, this unique bowl is sure to be a conversation starter at any gathering.

31. Push Pin Personalized Canvas Travel Map

Document your family’s travels and create a stunning wall display with this personalized canvas travel map. Mark each destination with push pins and plan your next adventure with ease. A thoughtful and inspiring gift for any travel-loving family.

32. National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

National Geographic Hobby Rock Tumbler Kit

Encourage creativity and spark an interest in science with this rock tumbler kit. The kit includes rough gemstones, four polishing grits, jewelry hardware, and a detailed guide to create your own polished stones and jewelry. A fun and educational activity for kids and adults alike.

33. Innovative Aluminum Pizza Paddle for Hassle-Free Baking

Innovative Aluminum Pizza Paddle for Hassle Free Baking

Toss and turn your pizza dough with ease using this durable aluminum paddle, featuring a space-saving foldable wooden handle for effortless storage.

34. Artisan Cheese Subscription

Artisan Cheese Subscription

Elevate Your Cheese Game: Treat your taste buds to a monthly cheese journey with Murray’s selection of three to four hand-picked cheeses from around the world, perfect for a cozy night in with the family.

35. Doug’s Wooden Pick-Up Sticks

Dougs Wooden Pick Up Sticks

A Timeless Game for All Ages: Pass on the joy of playing with wooden sticks to the next generation with this classic game that promises loads of fun for the whole family.

36. Airbnb Virtual Escape Room

Unravel the Mystery Together: Test your puzzle-solving skills with this exciting virtual escape room experience, where you and your family can team up to solve challenging riddles and clues online.

37. Mobile Telescope

Mobile Telescope

Explore the Wonders of the Universe: Discover the beauty of the night sky with this user-friendly telescope, equipped with adjustable eyepieces and a tripod for an immersive stargazing experience.

38. Artistic Board Game Set

Artistic Board Game Set

All-in-One Fun for Family Game Night: Spice up your game collection with this diverse set of classic board games, including chess, dominos, tic-tac-toe, and more, to keep your family entertained for hours.

39. Magnetic Dart Board

Magnetic Dart Board

A Safe and Engaging Game for Everyone: Bring the excitement of dart throwing to your living room without worrying about sharp objects with this magnetic dart board, perfect for kids and adults alike.

40. Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

Sweeten Up Your Family Time: Whip up delicious and adorable mini cakes and savory bites with this non-stick and versatile appliance that will bring a smile to everyone’s face.


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