Rick, Morty, and Summer are taking a trip through space to the world of the boobs when Rick spots the crashed GoTron ferret, which adds to Ricks collection of five ferrets, while Morty and Summer are telling the story. For reasons too ridiculous to get into here, what starts as a benign trip to Boob World soon devolves into a twisted homage to Anime Slashgoodfellas, because Rick and Morty. Picking up on its seventh-episode premiere promo, Adult Swim has released an opening sequence from Jerrysis Gotron Rickvangelion, and just as anime fans may have expected, the episodes titular anime begins right after the amusement park ride that is been planned by Rick Morty, and Summers journey to the amusement park known as Boob World, when Rick finds what he is been looking for some time.

Picking up from the first look promo for its seventh episode, Adult Swim has released the opening scene for Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion and as anime fans might have hoped, the anime naming for the episode kicks in immediately after a hilarious detour from Rick, Morty, and Summers planned trip to an amusement park known as Boob World as Rick finds something he is been searching for a long time. Justin Roiland, Morty, who is also voiced by Roiland, meets the gigantic Blue Ferret Mech, which is the final mech that Rick needs in order to create the Megaversion. Rick and Mortys then-Morty (also Roiland) hang out with a trio of dinosaurs. Later, Rick piggybacks on Mortys (also Roiland) genius idea of traveling to other dino-inhabited worlds. Morty drops the Clever Girl, a reference to Jurassic Park, but Rick is too upset to notice it (Rick later references Laura Dern).

When Morty learns of the Anime girl, Morty realizes the Pilots are planning on killing Rick in order to reclaim their ferret. Rick teams up with the two ravens to prove to Morty just how disposable he is, but after the adventure in which they rescue Rick from anthropomorphic ravens who are trying to savage the earth, he realizes they are not only replacements for Morty, disposable. About halfway through the episode, Rick and Morty suddenly decide that he wants to include other Ricks that did not find the missing Mecha Ferrets in order to set up a family-style operation. After the initial battle over the five ferrets in the GoTron, Rick decides that Rick wants to take things bigger, which Summers agrees to, while Morty disagrees.

Morty attempts to help Summer realize that Rick does not actually care for Summer, but just his obsession to achieve his bigger dream of a GoTron. As Summer helps Rick out with Ricks bigger plans, he finally feels that Rick values her more than Morty does. While Morty is strengthening his relationship with Planetina, Rick finds a girlfriend, Daphne (Jennifer Coolidge), on Planet One, and takes her along for the ride.

It is just a matter of saying Morty and Summers journey on the Boobworld has been derailed by Rick seeing what he wants. Rick lets Morty choose between going to Boob World and getting all 5 of Gotrons Ferrts in the Universe.

Rick And Morty Season 5 Trolls Fans With A Surprise Return

Dan Harmon has a spreadsheet filled with ideas for season five of Rick and Morty, and is willing to share them with the audience, Rick and Morty season five, but all feel like trolls in an epic way, with fans eagerly waiting for season four. After an exhausting wait, and tons of good-natured trolls by co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, an official premiere date has finally been locked in for Rick and Morty Season 3. For months, Rick & Morty fans have been holding on to the news about the eagerly anticipated show is third season. Rick & Morty season 5, episode 8, “Rickternal Friendshine Of The Spotless Mort,” saw a welcome return for the Birdpeople.

In a few short seasons, one of TVs greatest comedies has gone from being a relatively low-key interdimensional travel riff to being such a cultural force that it can support a whole warehouse of merchandise opportunities. For two seasons running, Rick and Morty has been producing episodes where characters view out-of-touch TV shows on interdimensional TV thanks to a neat little gadget that Morty has, and both times, it is been utterly genius. Now that we are more familiar with some of the intricacies of that particular multiverse, it is hard to believe that assembling Ricks was once the stuff of a treat in one of TVs greatest comedies. Even after the introduction of a large number of Citadel-bound alt-Ricks, it is hard to ignore just how strange the rest of this episode is.

It is no surprise that season five has re-visited this gag in subtle, yet effective, ways. Even for a show like Rick and Morty, this may remain one of the most bizarre synopses in history, but it is even more surprising the giant, spooky space baby was brought back in the first place. Instead of bringing Space Beth back, or even giving fans their much-anticipated return to the evil Morty, the writers snuck us in with the return of the most disgusting, possibly most unlikable character in Rick and Morty.

As early as season four, the writers took aim at toxic trolls with a bit of their own authorial trolling, and only a couple episodes later, Rick and Morty mocked the reddit obsessives over-analyzing the show (again, including ourselves). Longtime Rick and Morty fans might legitimately get annoyed at seeing the trailer even feature the duo revisiting the trolling incident from far back during season two of the show.

Credit where credit is due, the Hellraiser skit that is featured prominently in the trailer really does show that Rick & Morty is going to continue parodying horror tropes going forward – just not the Vampiric variety. Schrab has voiced several other characters in past episodes of Rick & Morty, too, but with this selection of random Post-It notes, it seems that Schrab is helping to brainstorm future Rick and Morty storylines — or simply having a good time helping Dan Harmon out on Epic Troll, listing off all sorts of absurd story ideas. It is the kind of prank that was already shown off in Rick & Mortys Season 5 animatic trailer released in 2020, and the kind of one that is going to frustrate fans hoping to see the duo take on Draculas kind.

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