Bruce Willis Is’stepping Away’ From His Acting Career Due To Aphasia.

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According to news reports, actor Bruce Willis, whose one-liners are a hallmark of blockbuster action movies, is retiring from acting owing to a diagnosis of aphasia, a neurological illness that affects language and speech.

Willis’ family announced on social media that the actor was experiencing “cognitive” challenges as a result of his recent diagnosis. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the illness is caused by injury to the language area of the brain, which is usually on the left side. A stroke, a head injury, a brain tumor, an infection, or dementia can all cause brain damage. Symptoms, such as difficulties speaking and understanding, might appear quickly after a stroke or a head injury, or gradually as a result of a brain tumor or degenerative disease.

Fluent and non-fluent aphasia are the two major categories of aphasia; within these categories, distinct groups are defined both by the area injured and by symptoms. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the most prevalent variety of non-fluent aphasia is Broca aphasia, which develops when a portion of the frontal lobe, usually on the left side, is injured. Broca aphasia, also known as expressive aphasia, causes speech problems in which the individual drops specific words from their vocabulary and speaks in short sentences; a person with this disorder may usually understand some of what others are saying.

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