Robbie Coltrane, a veteran comic book artist and actor best known for starring in British cop show Cracker and in the Harry Potter film series, died on Friday, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. LONDON – Robbie Coltrane, a child-faced comedian and character actor whose hundreds of roles included the crime-solving psychologist on TVs Cracker and the mild-mannered, half-giant Hagrid in Harry Potter movies, has died. Renowned Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane, better known as the dragon-loving, half-giant Hagrid from the Harry Potter movie franchise, died Friday, his managers said. Scottish actor Robbie Coltranes role in the Harry Potter movie franchise as Hagrid, a groundskeeper at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is a part-human, part-giant groundskeeper at Hogwarts, won him affections of devoted fans of the hit fantasy series.

Beloved Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane has enjoyed immense popularity as the Hogwarts groundskeeper, Rubeus Hagrid, earning him global fame and recognition for his warm-hearted performances and screen relationships with Daniel Radcliffes Harry Potter. Robbie Coltrane found himself high on the lists to cast Hogwarts School custodian Rubeus Hagrid in J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter movie adaptation — a role that, it is said, he took only after being encouraged by his children.

Rubeus Hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid

Robbie Coltranes acting skills were becoming more apparent, and in 1987, he had considerable success in Tutti Frutti, John Byrne-scripted, Bafta-winning TV series about a washed-up Scottish rocknroll group. Robbie Coltrane abilities as an actor were increasingly in evidence, and he had considerable success in 1987 with Tutti Frutti, the John Byrne-scripted, Bafta-winning TV series about a washed-up Scottish rocknroll band. On TV, he appeared on The Young Ones, the tutti frutti (1987), in the character of Samuel Johnson in Blackadder The Third (1987) (a role which he would later reprise on a much more serious tour of West Coast islands (1993), the LWT special The Robbie Coltrane Special (1989) (which he co-wrote), and on other stand-up and sketch comedy shows.

On television, he appeared in The Young Ones, Tutti Frutti (1987 ), as Samuel Johnson in Blackadder the Third (1987) (a role he later reprised in the more serious Boswell and Johnsons Tour of the Western Islands (1993) ), LWTs The Robbie Coltrane Special (1989) (which he also co-wrote) [16 ], and in other stand-up and sketch comedy shows. Coltrane later achieved national fame in The Crips (1993-2006) in Cracker (1993-2006), playing crime psychologist Dr. Eddie Fitz Fitzgerald, in the serial, for which he won three successive Best Actor, British Academy Television Award. Robbie Coltranes over forty-year career has spanned roles in James Bond films Goldeneye and The World is Not Enough, to leading roles in the 1990s British TV series Cracker, playing the criminal psychologist Dr. Edward Fitz Fitzgerald.

Coltranes breakthrough role was playing Dr. Edward Fitz Fitzgerald, a criminal psychologist who is antisocial, gifted at solving crimes, in the British crime drama series Cracker. The Scottish-born star, best known for playing the Hogwarts groundskeeper Hagrid in the Potter movie franchise and the crime psychologist Dr. Eddie Fitz Fitzgerald in 1990s TV crime dramas, died Friday.

Harry Potter And Prominent Characters

Sirius Black is such a pivotal character in the film, as he is one of the closest things to family and father-figure that Harry Potter himself has, because Sirius was once one of James and Lily Potters best friends. Harry James Potter is an extremely loyal friend, and has a particularly tight bond with two of his best friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Together with Ron Weasley and Ginny Weasley, he embarks on a quest to locate and destroy Voldemorts remaining Horcruxes. After Dumbledores death, Harry James Potter decided to not return to Hogwarts for his seventh and final year.

Harry saw Sirius Black die, and witnessed Dumbledores final confrontation with Lord Voldemort, a Dark Wizard. Other notable friends included Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, and Harrys next girlfriend and wife, Ginny Weasley. While Harry Potter has had multiple surrogate fathers–Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore, Sirius, Lupin, and Mr. Weasley–he has had only one surrogate mother, and that is Molly Weasley.

Harry Potter eventually comes to the realization that Severus Snape has been double-crossing everyone this whole time, and while learning more about Snapes background, he also discovers all of the great things that Snape has done for Albus Dumbledore, and for Harry himself. Dumbledores character arc came to a close when he allowed himself to be killed by Severus Snape — but before this happened, Dumbledore did his best to ensure Harry Potter was eventually able to beat Voldemort. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Dumbledore is the reveal that Dumbledore has many Machiavellian characteristics: In the last book, it is revealed that he has been pulling strings behind the scenes since Harrys early years, using Harrys apawn in the grand scheme of taking down the Dark Lord.

Throughout the saga, Dumbledore was always eager to convince Harry that Voldemort was unable to harness the strongest form of magic that had ever been invented, that being love. The weakness of evil Voldemort was his inability to comprehend love, so could not touch Harrys body, which still bore traces of his mothers love for his child. At first choosing to serve a pureblood line (including Regulus Black, Narcissa Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Draco Malfoy), he ultimately chose to serve under Harry, since Harry treated him best.

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