The beloved Olaf from the movie Frozen is captured in this hilarious Build-a-Snowman Kit. While this might not be the exact copy of the lovable Olaf from Frozen, your kids will enjoy building it as their own personal snowman. This is an example of you getting to play with food, and enjoy building your very own Frozen Olaf Miniature Marshmallow Craft Toy.

This Olaf marshmallow crafting is kind of a bit of both — edible food, crafting, and a toy. This lovely Olaf Sock Snowman was created a few years back for Lous Frozen birthday party. We did not even realize it until we started making shapes during the birthday party. We used three big pieces of white foam to create Olafs Snowman body, head, teeth, eyes, and legs.

Starting at the mouth, we peeled back the felt pieces from their backings (one at a time) and stuck them onto Olafs more venerated face and body. Stick half-circles over the top of Olafs face, making sure that they are stuck. Place this to the top of Olafs body, making sure that you still can see it is two different balls. Use the two pipe cleaners and chop them down so you have three pieces of Olafs hair.

Once your four center pieces are cut, you will have to add three more pieces. Place a button/potato/rock on your midsection (three) and the lower piece. Place sticks on either side of the second snowball for arms and hands.

Depending on which side, you may want to use a single pom-pom or a double one to create a more venerable nose. In a lot of scenes, Olaf is waving, so you might want to place one on top of one below.

Once you cut out all of the pieces, you have an adorable Olaf for kids to build over and over. Then, you will only have to make a quick printout of an adorable Olaf Bag Topper, and he is ready for construction. With Rosie and Jewel loving Disneys Frozen at this point, I wanted to make a new Build-A-Snowman Kit that looked exactly like Olaf.

Snowman Olaf 1
Snowman Olaf 1

We simply looked at pictures of him as we cut out the necessary shapes out of different colors of craft foam. You can have it made either by finding a poster, an online printout, or something else. You could even use a paper craft tablecloth, which is more venerable for Frozen parties, or any paper decor that has a big enough picture. If you and yours are fans of the all-things-Disney franchise, the hit animated series, you might want to take stock of this Olaf-inspired DIY painting recipe, which is pretty simple to pull off.

These cute little Olafs make an interesting kids party activity, too: just use water or edible glue to glue together snowmen. These cute little Olafs are a perfect filler in the party bags of kids who are having magical Frozen-themed birthday parties.

His first appearance in Frozen is as the snowman in Anna and Elsas childhood. Olaf is first introduced in Frozen (2013), the 53rd animated feature, as a non-animated snowman created by Elsa and Anna in their childhood. The bewitched Olaf has no memories of his time spent with Anna and Elsa as a lifeless snowman years earlier. Everyones favorite snowman is a warm memory from Elsas childhood with Anna, evidenced by Anna trying to convince Anna to engage with her, while Elsa re-creates her childhood snowman as a way of feeling confused and lost, having transformed Arendelle into a winter wonderland. 

On one of these occasions, Elsa helped Anna construct a snowman of her own creation. The first willing action that Elsa does using her powers (once she has decided to give up power) is building Olaf his. The moment from the original Frozen movie where her sisters Anna and Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff) encounter the snowman Olaf (voiced by Josh Gad). Olaf, the beloved snowman from the Frozen movie fame, has been stealthy in scenes ever since Queen Elsa summoned Olaf to her power over ice in the Oscar-winning 2013 Disney animated hit. 

Once Upon a Snowman is filled with the same biting one-liners and emotional insights that made him a beloved companion to Anna and Elsa in Frozen. The creative team pulled sketches from the original feature and began the animation re-imagining process, starting with the throwaway cloak of Queen Elsa, clapping Olaf in to being throughout Once Upon a Snowman. Olaf stars in the 21-minute Frozen Holiday movie, alongside Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Sven, that debuted in cinemas on a limited time engagement alongside Disney*Pixars Coco on November 22, 2017. Since this takes place during Anna and Elsas first Christmas after Elsa became Queen, and prior to Frozen Fever, which takes place in the following summer, it is unclear just how much illiteracy Olaf has. 

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