LA Lakers star LeBron James almost suffered a gruesome leg injury during a crucial play of the game Friday night against the Charlotte Hornets. The ending to the Los Angeles Lakers-Charlotte Hornets game Friday night was arguably not the way Dr. James Naismith imagined it would be when he invented the modern game of basketball. With Anthony Davis sidelined for at least another week, the Los Angeles Lakers have to win games against a bottom-feeder in the league (the Charlotte Hornets enter this contest on an eight-win pace) if they are going to have any shot of making it into the conference playoff picture.

The Los Angeles Lakers appeared to have turned around their season early in the month, winning eight out of 10, and with LeBron James and Anthony Davis playing at high levels — with the latter entering MVP discussion — while Russell Westbrook began thriving in the role of a sixth-man off-the-benches. Before their game with the Charlotte Hornets, the Los Angeles Lakers were 29th in fast-break points allowed in the league, giving up 16.7 per game.

After giving up 29 points against the Charlotte Hornets, it is very possible that the LA Lakers replaced the Houston Rockets as the worst team at transition defense. The LA Lakers cannot control when or how injuries occur, but they certainly could play more diligently defensively. The Lakers had a final opportunity to win after LeBron James was called for tying the game on Gordon Haywards made layup, getting the offensive rebound with six seconds left, giving the Charlotte Hornets a 132-130 lead.

Then, what turned out to be a game-winning basket from Hornets forward Gordon Hayward. Hornets forward Gordon Hayward did not even get to the hoop. When the Lakers got the ball back, Charlotte Hornets guard Dennis Schroder was double-teamed by LeBron James. Schroder did indeed get the look of being open, but the shot did not go in, and the LA Lakers came away with the same L LeBron James had slipped.

Dennis Schroder missed a shot, almost ending LA Lakers chances to even the series. Somehow, LeBron James was able to catch the pass and throw it out to the open shooter, but the point guard missed his shot, and the Los Angeles Lakers lost the game. The Lakers stars shoes came flying off during The Lakers last possession, when LeBron James drove toward the basket hoping for the game-tying layup, forcing him to crash to the floor and throw an inadvertent pass to Dennis Schroder, who missed a game-winning 3-pointer with 2.7 seconds remaining.

With the game tied at 42 seconds, LaMelo Ball made an awful rebounding pass which fell right into the hands of Lakers guard Austin Reaves, who quickly drove the floor in the fastbreak. It was a cruel way to end a game that saw the LA Lakers come back from down double-digits, only to stumble — literally and figuratively — in their last drive.

The Lakers are now on a three-game losing streak, as Friday nights was not the first time that Lakers have lost control of a lead in critical moments. Looking forward to their next trip, LeBron James and crew will try to remember past mistakes when facing Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks on Christmas Day. Luka Doncic makes the Mavericks dangerous, and we saw during the third quarter of their win against the Lakers Christmas Day, what happens when other Mavericks shoot too.

LeBron James is something else – The Man Who Turns 38 Next Friday continues to carry those Lakers when Anthony Davis is not around, and on Friday night put together his sixth consecutive 30-plus-point game. To give the Los Angeles Lakers a shot at winning even with Anthony Davis out, LeBron James scored 18 of his 34 points in the game.

Scoring 29 of Clevelands last 30 points, LeBron carried Cleveland past the OT line in 2OT vs. the Detroit Pistons, recording one of the most legendary performances in sports history. After the game, Skip Bayless tweeted in reaction to LeBron James effort, “LeBron did a good job of padding his stats, while Kareem — who was chased down in tonights blowout loss at Sacramento — managed to score 31 points despite going (ho-hum) 0-for-4 from 3-point range. After the game, Skip Bayless immediately tweeted in response to LeBron James attempt, LeBron did a nice job of stat-padding and Kareem-chasing tonight in a blowout loss at Sacramento – managing to get to 31 points despite going (ho hum) 0-4 from three. Haywards shot went off the backboard, and then went through the basket, but after a review, referees said that LeBron James had stepped on the ball after the ball went into the backboard, making it a go-ahead layup, giving the Hornets the win, giving them the game-winner, giving the Hornets two points.

Then, what turned out to be the game-winning basket from Hornets power forward Gordon Hayward did not even make it past the basket. Then, in the bottom of the fourth quarter, a player starting instead of Davis, Thomas Bryant, injured his right shoulder and had to be helped into the locker room with 3 minutes, 16 seconds left, in the Lakers final 134-130 loss to the Hornets. Lakers Anthony Davis is out indefinitely due to right foot stress injury The Lakers all-star power forward, Anthony Davis, is going to be unavailable for an indefinite amount of time while he deals with a right foot stress injury, the Lakers said.

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