The Star Wars Holiday Special was released in 1978, taking place in-between the original Star Wars movie known as A New Hope and its sequel The Empire Strikes Back, and has divided fans old and new ever since Star Wars Holiday Special was released. The Star Wars Holiday Special has always been a misguided mixture of unwise ideas and creative mayhem, including the notion by Star Wars creator George Lucas of setting the show on Kashyyyk, the homeworld of Chewbacca (to help bridge the gap between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back).

It is no real surprise then that LucasFilm has never released a Star Wars Holiday Special, in any form, since 1978, save for the personal copy that Lucas gave star Carrie Fisher, who used the ill-conceived TV special to both scare and amuse his starry-eyed party guests. The Star Wars Holiday Special was broadcast once, only on November 17, 1978…and never again, for what some might argue, for very good reasons. For those of us who saw The Star Wars Holiday Special when it originally aired back in 1978, it has that sense of nostalgia attached that is locked into this time period, and The Holiday Special is a part of it.

The basic plot, which takes place in the year 0 ABY (shortly after the release of the original Star Wars movie, A New Hope), takes place on the homeworld of Kazook Notes, the Wookiees (the planets name is Kashyyyk, and was already established prior to The Star Wars Holiday Specials broadcast). That special, The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, is set after the events of The Thrawn Trilogy, and features a far more cohesive (and clearly not canon) storyline, which involves Rey traveling back in time during the events of the films, will debut on Disney+ on November 17, 2020 — the 42nd anniversary of the original Special. The Lego Original Movie Holiday Special, featuring characters from the sequel trilogy in a Life Day-themed adventure, was released on Disney+ on November 17, 2020, the 42nd Anniversary of the special. The premise of this ultra-cheesy holiday special has Han Solo taking Chewbacca back home to Kashyyyk for Life Day, which is essentially Christmas or Thanksgiving for the Wookiees.

Star Wars
Star Wars

It features heroes from the original trilogy, and the story is based on Chewbacca spending the holidays together with his family, and there is even some animation, and even Boba Fett makes an appearance. Since James Earl Jones was initially not credited in the original films, this special marked the first time that he was given a voice role for Darth Vader. While Boba Fett was looking the other way, production on the TV special went off track, spinning between two directors as Bea Arthur sang a Cantina Song, Jefferson Starship performed a decently-good song about UFOs, and Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, and Mark Hamill cameoed for unflattering cameos.

Christmas 2022 Star Wars Holiday Outfits

A new Star Wars Holiday merchandise line and ornaments has arrived at the Disney Parks. Just when you thought you had every Star Wars Black Series figure you could possibly want, this week Hasbro released images for its Star Wars 2022 Black Series Holiday edition figures. Hasbros holiday-themed line of 2022 Star Wars Black Series figures was announced last month, and has seen a couple updates since.

Star Wars fans and collectors alike can celebrate the seasons and re-enact scenes from a galaxy far, far away, with this 6-inch-scale Wookiee (Holiday Edition) figure, which features holiday-themed decor and packaging. As we approach the holidays, ShopDisney is featuring some of its most interesting Galaxy Faring apparel and accessories, featuring Darth Vader, the Ewoks, and more. Among these new items at shopDisney are Star Wars T-shirts and stuffed animals to match any galaxy you call home.

From holiday shirts to ugly sweaters, find every kind of clothing that makes the holidays that much more enjoyable. Find funny Christmas T-shirts featuring festive prints such as Santa Claus, snowflakes, reindeer, elves, and more. Your festive outfits will look the part thanks to this smart matching clothing by Reyn Spooner, which is hand-painted in Hawaii and features Star Wars characters celebrating Christmas.

This Spirit Jersey sweater, zipped, features Ewoks dressed up for the holidays. The new R6-SNO Christmas Factory Droid figure is a perfect gift for any collector looking to add to their Star Wars collection, while the new adult-sized Ewok Christmas Zip Cardigan is great for anyone looking to get cozy in the winter.

Finding the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan in your life just got so much easier thanks to the todays launch of Bring Home the Galaxy, a nine-week holiday gift-giving celebration featuring hot new products and holiday essentials. Star Wars fans, welcome to the Star Wars collection at BoxLunch: A highly curated selection of the most-needed apparel, merchandise, accessories, and fan favorites from a galaxy far, far away (ok, not really, we are an online store, but you get my point). Last week, we saw Dooney & Bourke debuting their inaugural Holiday collection at parks and online, but now, a few pieces of holiday Star Wars merch are making their way into Disneys Hollywood Studios.

If you are a fan of Star Wars-inspired holiday items, you may want to check out this fun gift guide from MickeyBlog, too, right here. For those looking for more Star Wars-themed experiences to enjoy during the holiday season, look no further than Star Wars Villainous Board Game (Power of the Dark Side).

Even better, the Star Wars The Black Series Wookiee Werewolf (Halloween Edition) figurine seen above was unveiled at the Walmart Collectors Con, and is available for preorder here from Walmart, as well as Entertainment Earth, priced at $27.99. The six new figures, which hail from different eras of Star Wars, are dressed in white, green, and red, and come complete with holiday-themed weapons, as well as a similarly festive companion. The figures are packaged with included grogu – a festive-themed toy in a purse and a blaster attachment; and they are great gifts for kids, 4 years old and older.

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