Only the most hardcore Beatles fans would recognise Christmases time it is here again as the song written by all four Beatles and recorded in a Christmases disc sent out to fans club members in 1967. The records were initially sent as flexi discs each year to fan club members from 1963 through 1969, with the collection being sent out in 1970, following the breakup of The Beatles. The Beatles sings over their 1967 Christmases album of the same name, one of a numbes of flexi discs that are now collectible, sent each year to members of the band’s official fan clubs in Britain and America.

Sent every Christmases time from The Beatles to members of their official fan clubs, The Beatles Christmases records are personalized thanks-you from The Beatles themselves to their most loyal fans. The Christmases records were eventually collected in a semi-official album, but these rarities — which were initially sent as flexible-discs — offer a map to how The Beatles relationships and music changed throughout the years. The Special Singles are more spoken-word than musical, although there is one song, Christmases Time ( it is Here Again), heard in an extract on a 1967 disc. The more intriguing track is Christmases Time (Is Here Again), the one that Asong The Beatles wrote and performed on The Beatles 1967 Fan Club recording; itas been rerecorded here by Ringo Starra, with Possible Typo Joe Perry playing guitar solo.

The Beatles Christmas
The Beatles Christmas

A cover of a 1968 recording by Clarence Carter, this song by Pentagon is also squarely in the canon Horny For Christmases. While the titular track alone is not quite a Christmases song, it is a celebratory melody which was released as a single in December 1974. Considering that the song is Pentagon only original track on the Christmases-laden second album, Pentagon gets a nod here.

Starting off with the title track (the big chorus to the full-length Beatles Christmas song that they never wrote), the record finds the Beatles doing multiple goofy accents, tap-dancing, singing a cheerful jam-jar-singing jam-jar-emceeing, and depicting a band that sings the pants-down song multiple times, then apparently being dumped into the bottomless pit. The rest of A Christmas Album follows suit, mixing brilliant originals done in a Like verticals man-production style (The Beatles through Jeff Lynne and XTC) with cleverly recycled classics (no reggae elevator music here). If you like Like verticals Man, and also like Ringo Starr and Christmas, you are going to want to pick this up.

It was left to Ringo Starr to put out the first proper Christmas album by the Beatles, and I Wan Na Be A Santa Claus is incredibly true to the groups’ ethos. Incidentally, the only Beatle to record a full-length Christmases album is Ringo Starr, who released I Wan Be a Santa Claus in 1999.

The Beatles Moon Santa Claus Riding Reindeer

Having famously accentuated his powder-pink Andrew Gn suit and Paul Ryan cuffs with a full head of hair down his arm at the 2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet, singer Omen routinely takes to social media to sport his undeniably grown-out body hair in the form of his The Beatles moon santa clad, reindeer-riding Merry Christmas T-shirt.

With at least 200 cover versions recorded, it is the second-most covered Beatles song only Yesterday has been covered more. It is the only song from The Beatles 1 album not to become the number one single in either the United States the United Kingdom. It is the only song written by George Harrison to be released by The Beatles as a single. George Harrison berated Paul McCartney for being overly active in his bass lines on the song.

The camerawork was designed to showcase Lennon, and to showcase no one else. In the early years after the breakup of The Beatles, McCartney avoided songs that he would he wrote with Lennon. I called up the Beatles historian Marc Lewisohn. When Lone Michaels, producer of Saturday Night Live, went on air in 1976 and made a joke about offering the Beatles three thousand dollars to appear on the show, McCartney happened to be visiting Lennon at the Dakota, and the two watched the show.

The Beatles
The Beatles

McCartney and Harrison, especially, showed nothing but disdain for Ono. This song has some of his dodgiest lines yet you are going to end up looking like the ruins. With 21 string players used during the overdubs, it ends up being one of the more orchestral Beatles songs. The show featured Grammy-winning artists covering The Beatles songs; it was broadcast on 9 February 2014 — the 50th anniversary of The Groups first Ed Sullivan Show appearance.

Studios in Los Angeles, where tracks for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Little Drummer Boy, Christmas Time ( It is Here Again) and additional work for Dear Santa Christmas Time (It is Here Again) were recorded in July 1998. If you are coming Friday and you have a song that you want me to cover, drop me an e-mail or reply to this message. Do not forget to check out here for Best Christmas Commercials of 2020, and Best Funny Commercials of 2020.

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