You may be surprised to know that this is the best time to begin shopping for your Holiday Toys. We anticipate that many of the more popular toys will be sold out by the time we are closer to the holidays, so buying now is your best bet for making sure that you are able to keep the seasons cheery and bright for the kids in your life. These gifts for kids include classics–think Barbie, LOL Surprise, and Hot Wheels–as well as new releases that made it on to everyones best-toy lists. There is always a little frenzied shopping around top-rated toys around the holidays, especially for the newest releases or hot items that were out there, but are still sold out.

It is difficult to tell what makes a toy explode in popularity for a holiday. Every holiday season, there are those “it” Christmas toys you know, those gift ideas that sold out well before Black Friday was over, leaving parents scrambling to purchase them through third-party sellers for twice their retail cost. We got the inside scoop on the hot toys this year at Christmas, and have listed them all for you below. To help with your holiday shopping, we put together a list of some of our favorites from the Toys We Love List at Amazon.


Called the Toys We Love List, these selections, chosen by Amazons own in-house toy experts, are an excellent glimpse at the holiday toy trends of the year. We are starting off with our top picks for must-have toys for this Christmas season. Every year, Amazon releases its list of the most hot, and most sought-after toys for the holiday season, which is based on what it anticipates to be the most hot, most sought-after toys of the holiday season. That is why each year, many gift-givers look at the annual Toy Insiders toy lists to help guide their decisions.

When working on a holiday gift guide, the team sorts through thousands of toys to come up with the ones they like best, Marissa Silva, Toy Insiders managing editor, told Shop TODAY in an exclusive interview. Plus, Toy Insider mom Lori Schacht stopped by with Hoda & Jenna today to share some of her favorite toys to pick up this holiday season.

While kids spend much of the holiday season eagerly counting down the days until they can unwrap presents, parents have the difficult task of finding toys that actually appeal to them. Key Takeaways Buying toys ahead, possibly at a discount, and selling them close to Christmas can bring a nice return, as long as you pick items that are going to be hotly sought after around Christmas. If you are willing to start researching popular toys early, you may improve your chances of getting them in time for the holidays.

Toys are going to be high on Santas list – and those written by shoppers, who are better off buying early if they want to be sure to have a desirable item at the shoppers fingertips. Early birds will also receive the hot gifts this holiday, including toys and games on everyones holiday wish lists.

The Holiday Christmas

Christmas is an annual Christian feast day celebrating the birth of Jesus, held on 25 December in Western churches. Christmas is traditionally a Christian feast celebrating the birth of Jesus, but by the beginning of the 20th century, Christmas had also become a secular, domestic festival observed by both Christians and non-Christians. For centuries, Christmas was celebrated as a season, rather than as a single day, in parts of the world, beginning on this day, 24 December, which is Christmas Eve. Christmas is celebrated on December 25, and is both a holy religious festival and a global cultural and commercial phenomenon.

The day commemorates the birth of Christ, which (traditionally, but unlikely actually) took place on 25 December in 1 B.C. Christians celebrate Christmas day as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, the spiritual leader whose teachings are at the heart of their religion. Given the prominence of Christmas as one of Christianitys main feast days, December 1 is observed in most European countries, with Christian influence, as the second holiday to celebrate Christmas.

The English term Xmas (mass on Christmas) is fairly recent in origin. The observance of the day at the end of December is surely the result of the earlier observances which took place around this time, marking the winter solstice.

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To this day, some people are uncomfortable with Christmas because they believe Christmas is in some way stained with the pagan festivals held on the 25th of December. While this day has a firm basis in the history of Christs birth, many traditions that we associate with Christmas evolved out of pre-Christian beliefs, and of course traditions evolved out of the strictly Christian holidays into having wider secular implications. In countries like Austria and Germany, a link is made between Christmas and a family festival, by identifying Jesus as giving gifts to families.

While most families have bought into the idea that they are celebrating Christmas the way that Christmas has been done for centuries, Americans really reinvented the holiday to meet the cultural needs of America. By the end of the century, most Americans celebrated Christmas with all of todays traditions: lighting and decorating trees, sending Christmas cards, singing Christmas songs, making pies, having holiday parties, shopping, and giving gifts. December 25 – Christmas Day – has been a federal holiday in the U.S. since 1870.

Since The Holiday was released, The Holiday has been called the classic of contemporary Christmas. The Holiday was such a success that I kept it on my best Christmas movies list for nine years – that is, until last December, when I revisited. This year, joining SeaWorld for the holiday is not like that favorite, included in your ticket price.

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