Each of us has been, is and will be a father, a mother. The love between parents and children has always been a very sacred thing in this world. However, with a society that is growing as it is today, especially with modernized ideas, the disagreement in views and perceptions between parents and children is increasing. We often blame our parents for why they don’t understand us, but have we ever wanted to understand our parents? So on the occasion of Father’s Day and the upcoming Mother’s Day, which are two days that we dedicate to honoring fathers and mothers, let’s get to know them better, and give them meaningful gifts together. Our parents are indeed a generation away from us, but there’s no denying that our feelings for their children are always unconditional. Sometimes they just want their kids to have a better, happier life. It’s just that their expression is somewhat incorrect. There was never a class that taught them how to be parents. Have any of us been able to understand and understand them? Dad may seem difficult, but he is still a father, he may because he wants you to go to the best school without being afraid to struggle to make ends meet to get enough money for your tuition. Our mother may seem harsh, but she was the one who carried us nine months and ten days of pain, she bravely went through one of the most deadly births to bring us into this world. That’s what our parents are. They’re tough, they’re tough… but they can protect you against the world, for themselves it is as economical as possible but for your child, it has never been, every time you yell at the children, it is also every time it hurts in the hearts of fathers, mothers … Why can’t our parents love us? We owe so much to our parents. So, on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, we send our parents three meaningful gifts together as a way to thank them for their sacrifice.

Happy family gardening together and taking care of nature

Distance and understanding

It’s a thank you, most of us, it’s easy to say thank you to outsiders, but not to our parents. I think our parents absolutely deserve to hear those two words. So sit back and thank them, thank them for bringing us into this world, thank you for caring, caring for, protecting and loving us unconditionally, thanking our parents for always sacrificing for us.


A hug. This will be a very meaningful Gift that every parent wants. From the moment we grow up, the intimate gestures with our parents also disappear. It’s just hugs, but we also hesitate to do it. Get strong, run over and embrace your parents, no need to say anything, a hug filled with gratitude and warm feelings for your parents, that’s enough.

Thank you for being our parents.

This gift I think will depend on each person, for example, making something for my parents myself, or cooking a meal myself, maybe a few photos … It’s true that our parents don’t need anything expensive, lavish… All they need is to see us grow up healthy, happy and successful. So only the gifts that are simple but contain our sincerity in it, have also made our parents very happy. In the end, our parents are still parents, and we owe them a heartfelt thank you. Love your parents while you can. Not everyone is like us, lucky to have parents in this life. Wishing fathers and mothers in this world a happy and happy holiday.

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