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Toy Story

Disney+Pixar has revealed the official, latest teaser trailer for Lightyear, the sort-of Toy Story prequel that centers around Buzz Lightyear in the form of a standalone space-faring film. Lightyear, the sort-of Toy Story prequel that centers around Buzz Lightyear in the form of a standalone spacefaring film. Buzz Lightyear The Space Ranger from Toy Story. Lightyear is a spin-off from the Toy Story franchise, serving as the origin story for a fictional test pilot/astronaut that Buzz Lightyear toys featured in previous films, presented as a movie inside the film that characters from Toy Story will be watching. At Disneys Investor Day meeting for 2020, in December, it was announced that the prequel, Spin-Off, was being developed into an ongoing movie that depicts an in-universe origin story of the fictional human Buzz Lightyear character that inspired the toys featured in the previous two films, and was to star Chris Evans. Disney revealed just prior to the final Toy Story movie that a young Buzz Lightyear figurine was their all-time top-selling toy.

Disney/Pixar fans have finally got their first glimpse at Lightyear, a new Toy Story spinoff movie, with the release of a one-minute and 33-second teaser. You can watch the first teaser trailer for the Disney+Pixar film Lightyear again here, or watch the trailer in its entirety here.

Toy Story is based on the anthropomorphic concept that all toys, unknown to humans, are secretly alive, and the movie centers around a diverse group of toys, which includes a classic cowboy doll named Sheriff Woody and a modern spaceman action figure named Buzz Lightyear, voiced mostly by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. A classic cowboy doll named Sheriff Woody A modern spaceman action figure named Buzz Lightyear Tom Hanks Tim Allen. Chris Evans has picked up the intergalactic torch from Tim Allen, who voices an iconic plastic astronaut along with Tom Hanks (who steps into the boots of beloved Woody), in a Pixar franchise spanning four films, from the first successful film in 1995 until Toy Story 4 in 2019.

Andys presumably received his Buzz Lightyear action figure from the first Toy Story film as an early birthday gift, following a trip to the movie theater with his mom to watch an action-packed movie about the brave space ranger. With Lightyear set to hit theaters today, Toy Story fans will have a chance to familiarize themselves with the spacefaring legend that inspired Andys second-favorite toy (cmon — he is never been as fond of it, actually, as some lovely Sheriff).

Toy Story

Christmas in Toyland stars Vanessa Lengies and Jesse Hutch as the Data Analyst and Store Manager. A data analyst and a store manager work together to keep Christmas lights up in their local toy store. As data analyst and store manager bond over their shared goal to keep their stores open, Conviviality soon learns that Charlie has a secret creative side–designing holiday toys.

Christmas cartoons are a wonderful way to create the atmosphere of an entertaining festive season for your publications, email, and social media. Even in modern times, a heart-warming tradition around the holidays is watching Christmas cartoons on TV. While there are hundreds – thousands, if not thousands – of holiday movies available on streaming, nothing quite compares with the nostalgic feelings one gets from watching a Christmas cartoon or animated film.

Perhaps the greatest Christmas tradition of them all is watching holiday movies with someone you love. There are the yearly traditions, timeless stories told year after year, and plenty of stored memories about Christmas that can be revisited, those warm feelings felt again. When it comes to family-friendly Christmas movies, it is usually been the animated variety.

Here are 19 heartwarming animated Christmas movies that are sure to appeal to the kids in your imagination. From classic stop-motion animated cartoons of the mid-60s from Rankin/Bass Productions to recent Nickelodeon holiday specials, this list includes top choices for your annual viewing of holiday cartoons, featuring a little something for everyone – the naughty or nice. From more recent favorites that are must-sees every year, such as The Polar Express, to timeless classics such as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, family-friendly animated Christmas movies will always keep the whole crew entertained during the holiday season. No adult could resist the nostalgia of a classic Christmas movie like Rudolph, or one that is based on a Christmas book, such as The Polar Express.

Rudolph is based off the childrens book of the same name, and it captures J. Otto Seibolds illustration style beautifully. There is certainly a bit of magic in this animated Christmas classic, which follows the journey of Frosty the Snowman as he makes his way to the Arctic, and features a song of the same name, naturally. Like any good Christmas special, Frosty the Snowman includes a number of memorable songs, including the evergreen title song. From Charlie Browns less-than-perfect Christmas tree to Linuss retelling of the Nativity, Frosty the Snowman is guaranteed to get people into the Christmas mood.

This underrated holiday movie follows Santas son, Arthur, as he finds out one of his children is missing on Christmas Eve. Unlike most Christmas specials, the classic Dr. Seuss story abandons the month of December for a summertime, though still snowy, setting. While it is not quite the same old story as Rudolph or Frosty the Snowman, the hour-long movie is nonetheless another highlight in the huge catalog of Christmas releases from Rankin/Bass Productions. A delightful assortment of animated, Christmas-themed comics returns to the airwaves on MTVs Variety Show.

Action meets animation in this cartoon, featuring Marvel favorites such as Captain America, Captain Marvel, and Iron Man fighting to rescue Santa and Marvels Christmas. You could get the adults together and huddle together on your couch for some holiday cartoon watching. The Miser Brothers songs are heard on every Christmas radio station across the nation. That is why its gently made-for-TV classic–never saccharine, just as current as ever–tops our list of animated Christmas specials, new and old, meant to entertain while also sneaking in a heart-warming message or two for kids and adults alike.

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