Perhaps the coolest popcorn bucket I have seen is a new popcorn bucket that is unique to Magic Kingdom, in honor of Walt Disney Worlds 50th anniversary. When Disney fans visit the parks, many now pick up every new popcorn bucket, such as the highly-coveted 50th Anniversary Mickey Balloon Popcorn Bucket. In honor of Walt Disney Worlds 50th anniversary, several new popcorn buckets have been released, including exclusives for the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, new sippers for the water parks and Resort Mugs, and the cutest combo, Mickey & Minnie Popcorn Bucket-Sipper. These new Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary popcorn buckets are shaped like an iconic Mickey head balloon, and they are available in four different rainbow colors.

Yes, if you are a popcorn lover–and who is not a Walt Disney World popcorn lover?–you should strongly consider purchasing one of the Buckets. Of course, the novelty is not all about the display: They are loaded with popcorn, and you can pick up cheap refills after buying one. It is worth noting that these tubs each cost $18, but refills are greatly discounted, costing only $2 for the same quantity of snacks. Unfortunately, buckets of Disney World popcorn refills cannot be purchased in any Disney World hotels.

Mickey Balloon
Mickey Balloon

Disney popcorn buckets are also found throughout Disneyland Resort, since the now-refillable snack is becoming quite popular in West Coast parks, too. Very simple, just take your Disney Refillable Popcorn Bucket to any of the participating Refillable Popcorn Cart locations located in Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom, Disneyland Park, Disneys California Adventure, both Water Parks, and Disney Springs. You can find annual passholders popcorn buckets at a variety of locations: The City Hall Popcorn Cart at Animal Kingdom, the Popcorn Cart outside the Creations Store at EPCOT, the Feeding Ground Popcorn Cart at Disneys Animal Kingdom, the Hollywood Popcorn Cart at Disneys Hollywood Studios, and the West Side Cart at Disney Springs. It should also be noted that the Future World Gourmet Popcorn Cart outside the Imagination Pavilion sometimes offers different flavors of popcorn.

Holidays, park events (such as Disney Worlds current 50th Anniversary Celebration), and other occasions have led to the release of new, limited-time popcorn tubs, which theme park fans have been scooping out and keeping handy for years as a reminder of The Most Magical Place on Earth. There are some things that were released for the actual Disney World Anniversary — Oct. 1 — that are extremely popular, such as Mickey Balloon Popcorn Buckets. This years Mickey Balloon Popcorn Buckets are not just adorned in the red shorts iconic to Mickey, they come with a longer belt you can put around your neck while walking through the Magic Kingdom. The changes mean there is a lot of variety from trip to trip, but also means if you fell in love with a Mickey Balloon Popcorn Bucket during one Walt Disney World vacation, there might not be one next time you visit Orlando.

Take flight with five Mickey Balloons and this nostalgic pin made of Cloisonne celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World. For whatever reason, the Disney balloons are just as hot right now as they were way back in 1971, during Walt Disney Worlds 50th Anniversary Celebration. There are many other memorabilia that you can buy at Walt Disney World that are worth the expensive price of one of these balloons.

A new Mickey Ball Sipper is now available at Walt Disney World, which goes along with all your Mickey Ball Popcorn Buckets. You can find this pair of Mickey Balloon Ears Mickeys at the Magic Kingdom, at Disneyland, and also on ShopDisney. These Mickey Balloon Ears originally appeared in Disneys Seaside Souvenirs in Disney California Adventure, but they did not wait to pop up in the Magic Kingdom.

While the Mickey balloons were in the air at Walt Disney World Resort during their 50th anniversary celebration, the Mickeys were noticeably absent at Walt Disney World Resort. One of the balloons was seen flying in midair. One of the balloons spun and here he was, right in front of me.

One of the balloons in the earset was yellow, while the other was blue. Meanwhile, the main body of this awesome new backpack is covered with tiny, printed Mickey balloons floating around on top of the bag, ranging in an array of colors. This bag might be a classic mini-backpack from Loungefly, both in terms of style and form, but its standout feature is this gorgeously vibrant pocket at the front, designed to look like a flying Mickey balloon.

This fun pattern even matches up with that epic Vault Collection Spirit Jersey that we recently found at the parks. This massive 52 x 28-inch balloon is sure to be a big hit with Mickey fans. Gay Day at Disneyland is coming up this weekend, and you can celebrate with the popcorn bucket. The popcorn bucket features a face of Mickey Mouse on the front, and it runs through rainbow colors, with red at the top and purple on the bottom.

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