After covering the combine, commentator Rich Eisen shared a rumor about Tom Brady considering a comeback to the NFL.

Tom Brady

Will Tom Brady make a comeback to the NFL

Just over a month ago, Tom Brady announced his retirement from the NFL after an impressive 23-season career, which came as no surprise given his age of 45 and unparalleled achievements. With three Hall of Fame-worthy careers combined, Brady was one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history.

While it’s improbable that Brady will come out of retirement again, there’s speculation that he may consider it, according to one NFL commentator. During his coverage of the recent NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Rich Eisen listed the top 5 rumors he heard, with the possibility of Brady’s return topping the list.

Eisen speculates that if Brady were to return from retirement again, Miami would be his most probable destination.

Where Will Tom Brady Choose To Leave His Mark

“According to some sources at the combine, Miami is a potential destination for Brady if the Dolphins receive medical information that their quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is not yet ready to play. Given Brady’s close proximity to Florida and his family, it could be a possibility worth watching,” commented Eisen.

Brady is scheduled to start his broadcasting career with FOX Sports in Fall 2024, but he has the 2023 football season to himself, leaving open the possibility of another year in the NFL if the right opportunity arises.

Ultimately, whether or not Brady returns to football will depend on a number of factors. He will have to weigh his personal desires and priorities against the realities of the game and his own physical limitations. While fans may hope for another chance to see him on the field, it’s important to respect his decision and remember the incredible legacy he has already left behind.

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